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Celebrating community and global action

For over two decades, Concern America has brought together a local community of global hearts to raise funds for communities as they build collective power and self-sufficiency through healthcare, clean water, education, and economic opportunities.
By walking in our own communities and neighborhoods, participating in an activity for our Walk Out of Poverty event, fundraising, donating, or even sharing with friends and family, your time and contribution changes lives and supports the health promoter practitioners, midwives, water system builders, and artisans who work every day to transform their communities.

$20.00 of $60,000.00 raised!

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  1. Team Awesome 4

    $15.00 donated of $300.00 goal
  2. jess’ test team

    $5.00 donated of $500.00 goal

Impact of your support!


  • Can help provide a stethoscope for a Health Practitioner

Diabetic Care

  • Can help provide diabetic care and treatment for a patient for one year

Clean Water

  • Provides clean water for a person through village water system for 15-20 years


  • One year of medical training for a Health Promoter Practitioner

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