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The Saydak Family is walking once again!

Please support our team as we walk for Concern America, and this year, to celebrate Marley’s 1st Birthday!

Why we walk? So that communities can have clean water, health care, improved education, income opportunities, etc.  People learn the skills needed to improve their own communities, not someone coming in and doing it for them. Living in Guatemala and Colombia for 3 years, Teri, the youngest Saydak, had the opportunity to experience this amazing work. Facing civil wars, continuous violence, and extreme poverty, her friends and coworkers actively make positive changes in their towns. Weekly, local Health Practitioners like Eva provide over 30 health consults, performing basic surgeries, treating malaria, diabetes care, and more. Community members like Antonio train others to build rain collection systems in towns that have no access to water.  Concern America is able to do this amazing work because of the folks in the field AND because of people like you, who make it happen


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