Walk Out of Poverty to the Top of Crowder’s Mountain North Carolina

//Walk Out of Poverty to the Top of Crowder’s Mountain North Carolina
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Friends, Family,

If you give only $1 to a good cause this year, it should be to Concern America.  You will not put a dollar to better use the whole year.

Please make a donation now!

Our family and friends are walking to the top of Crowder’s Mountain in North Carolina on March 25 to express solidarity for the causes for which Concern America has worked for more than a generation.

The annual Walk Out of Poverty raises funds to help Concern America to bring health care, clean water, education, and economic opportunities to impoverished communities in Latin America. Concern America trains local people to be health care providers, build water systems, be teachers, and form income-generating cooperatives in their own communities.

Maria Elena and I worked with Concern America in Guatemala from 1998-2003.  We know many of the  people who have dedicated their lives to the continuous struggle to meet basic needs and build a more dignified life with the support of Concern America.

Please donate or join us on March 25th, so that together we can walk for people to transform need into self-sufficiency.

About Concern America:
Concern America is a globally-focused community development organization that transforms need into self-sufficiency in economically impoverished regions so that community members themselves are the agents of change.

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  1. Louis C Fragapane March 12, 2018 at 9:20 am - Reply

    We are the Louis Fragapanes from Garland, Tx. and are very happy to donate to such an admirable cause.Yes, Phil is our son, of whom we are justly proud. In addition to his extended service with Concern America, Phil also served previously with the US Peace Corps. We shall pray earnestly for the continued success of Concern America. God bless you all

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