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How can I make this year’s virtual Walk fun for my Walk team?2021-02-19T12:29:22-08:00

There are many ways to make a virtual social experience lots of fun! Here are some ideas:

1) Schedule your team’s walk date and time and encourage everyone to walk or do the same activity on their own (socially distanced or with your own bubble or group).

2) You can create a play list and share it with your team to add their own songs to it. Then on the day that you are walking, you can all listen to the play list.

3) This year’s Walk Out of Poverty shirt color is BLUE! Have your team all wear blue together.

4) Post updates on your social media using #ConcernWalk2021

Where do the donations go?2021-01-22T15:00:15-08:00

Every donation goes to support Concern America’s work training community members to provide health care services, clean water systems, and develop economic opportunity in communities in Colombia, Guatemala, and Mexico. Concern America believes in supporting communities working to develop their own solutions to pressing problems. Because of the training of local community members and with the support from events like the Walk Out of Poverty, over 255,000 people currently have access to health care, water, and economic opportunities.

Are all donations tax-deductible?2021-01-22T14:59:21-08:00

Yes, all donations are tax-deductible by the full extent of the law. Concern America is registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, tax ID 23-7273488

My business or group would like to find out more about being an official event sponsor. What are the benefits and how do I proceed?2021-01-22T15:07:39-08:00

In addition to supporting the important Concern America’s work to eliminate global poverty, your contribution will reach thousands of supporters in southern California community and across the country. Please download this letter for the full information which can also be shared with the interested group.

My workplace matches any donations I make. What do I do?2021-01-22T14:57:20-08:00

Contact your human resources department and they will send the necessary forms to Concern America. The organization is registered as Concern America, Address: PO Box 1790, Santa Ana, CA 92702, Phone number: 714-953-8575, and 501(c)(3) and tax ID 23-7273488. Forms can be sent to: PO Box 1790, Santa Ana, CA 92702 or emailed to bjuarez@concernamerica.org

How do receive my service hours?2021-01-22T13:47:49-08:00

Send an email to Teri Saydak at tsaydak@concernamerica.org and include: Your name, your activity, your fundraising team/page name and any additional fundraising information you did. Please also include the name of the institution and any other additional information or forms they specifically request.

I need help fundraising and getting the word out. What can I do?2021-01-22T14:56:16-08:00

Here are a few tips to reach your goal:
1. Personalize your page. Write a short paragraph about what activity you plan to do and why Concern is important to you! Include a photo or video.
2. Send multiple emails! Most people forget to give on the first email and appreciate reminders. Change the text slightly, and consider thanking and sharing how much you’ve raised. Even if they have already given, it’s inspiring to see how much you have advanced and people are excited to support something you.
3. Reach out in different ways! Share on different platforms on social media, as well as in emails, texts, and phone calls. Include photos, videos, or stories about you so that your friends and the rest of the Concern community can see! #ConcernWalk2021

If I walked last year, do I still need to create a new fundraising team?2021-01-22T14:54:27-08:00

Yes, each year we begin an entirely new site, so please register here to create your new account.

I have offline donations. How can I get them to you and how are they processed for my fundraising team?2021-01-22T15:06:59-08:00

You can use this form to keep track of offline donation. When you have finished fundraising, please compile cash donations into one check and mail all checks to Concern America, PO Box 1790, Santa Ana, CA 92702. All checks should be made out to Concern America. If donors would like a letter acknowledgement of their donation, please include full name, donation amount, and addresses or emails.

To input offline donations on your own fundraising site, go your page and click donate. Fill out the required information and choose Offline Donation (check or cash). If you do not have an email or other contact information, use your own. Also, if you have multiple offline donations, you add them into one larger donation, noting “Offline Donations” in the name. Please be sure to provide their correct donation and contact information if they would like an acknowledgement.

I forgot my username and password2021-01-22T14:50:18-08:00

If you have forgotten your password, click on “Log in to Fundraiser” in the top menu. You will be directed to a page where you can enter your log in details. Click on “Forgot Password” and you will be able to reset your password.

If you need further assistance, contact Jess at jgonzales@concernamerica.org

I need help registering for the walk2021-01-22T14:49:38-08:00

If you would like assistance creating your page, contact Jess Gonzales at jgonzales@concernamerica.org with your information such as:

First name
Last name
Email you’d like to be contacted at
Team name
Team members names
A team photo or any image you’d like displayed on your fundraiser page
Fundraising Goal $

Where are the Walk Out of Poverty shirts? Will there be any other memorabilia for this year’s walk?2021-02-22T12:55:04-08:00

For a limited time only: Walkers are now able to purchase the 2021 Walk Out of Poverty shirt! Unlike past years, participation does not include a shirt, however if you would like to order one, we do have this year’s unique design ready to print-to-order on different shirt styles!

Purchasing a Walk shirt is not required to participate. This year’s color is BLUE, so please wear any blue shirt or this year’s shirt to show our unity on the day-of.  T-shirt costs vary between $20-$30 per shirt and primarily cover the printing and material costs. Prices do not include shipping.

Why is it free to walk this year (no registration fee)?2021-01-22T14:46:59-08:00

Because most of the expenses relate to the in-person event and t-shirt, we have decided to not include a registration fee this year. We hope this will encourage everyone to participate and raise funds to support the important work of training community members in health care, clean water, education, and economic opportunities.

How do I register to walk this year?2021-01-22T13:51:16-08:00

Please register to walk on our official Walk site here by registering your team!

How can I volunteer for this year’s Walk?2021-01-22T13:47:06-08:00

Because we are not gathering in person, we don’t have additional opportunities to volunteer. However, you are making a difference just through your participation! For participants in need of service hours, you are eligible for one hour of service, as well as additional hours for number of sponsorships. (One hour for every 4 unique donors).

Can I do another activity other than walking?2021-01-22T13:46:39-08:00

Yes! Be creative and do an activity that you enjoy! Last year, activities included: mountain biking, hiking, dancing, yoga, scooter rides, pottery, painting, board games, and gardening. We can’t wait to see what you will do this year!

Where can I participate this year?2021-01-22T13:46:04-08:00

From wherever you are! Because we are not gathering in one space, we invite you to walk, hike, bike ride, dance, and more from your own homes and communities. We have participants in California, North Carolina, Colombia, Sweden, and beyond! We encourage you to do activities with others in your bubble, stay away from crowded areas, and make sure to wear your mask in any public space.

When is the official walk this year?2021-01-26T10:27:33-08:00

The official date is Saturday, March 27, 2021, but we invite people to do their activity before that date and share with us what you did! You can email your info and photos to walk@concernamerica.org and we can post on your behalf to our official Concern America Facebook page, or tag us in your post @ConcernAmericaInc and use the hashtag #ConcernWalk2021

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